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How To Kill Your GOALS in 2016!!

It’s the beginning of a new year, and as such, many people have asked what they can do to make the changes they need to make to truly live the life they want to live.Why is it so hard for so many to set GOAL’S and not make it time and time again? In this VIDEO message I’m sharing the SINGLE most important component Missing that 98% of people setting GOAL’S, never even realize that they are doing.

This is for that one person that truly wants to make this year different and mentally learn this invaluable tip that will change everything for you.

Understanding what is about to shared with you can literally be the key to making your dreams come true. Compiled from many journal entries, this is the distilled wisdom from many years of observation and practice and it is presented with a sincere desire that it serve you as well as it has served others.

While there are many factors that determine Success love or failure, regardless of the endeavor, there seems to be one factor that makes all the difference. You may be thinking it’s your “why” but you would be mistaken. Many people have a “why” or many “whys” that rival the strength of Hercules but they still fail.

For some people it’s because their back is against the wall and they have no other choice. For some, it’s disgust and they refuse to live that way anymore. For some it’s because they have caught a vision of what’s possible that awakens a burning desire.

Whatever the “why” is, for some reason, people are compelled to move on it. Jim Rohn called it “inspiration or desperation” but people who succeed on a massive scale do it because some unseen force caused them to raise their standards and they simply will not settle for less.

This force, this mass, this energy doesn’t care how you use it. It has no mind of it’s own, only the mind you give it. It doesn’t care if you succeed or fail. It will fuel you and serve you in any way you choose to use it, so use it carefully. What is this force? Certainty!

Certainty makes ALL the difference. If you are certain that nothing you do will help then you will do nothing. You can have the greatest opportunity and/or the greatest products in the world presented at your feet but if you are certain that it will not work, or that it will not work for YOU, then you will do nothing with it.

neverunderstimatePeople will buy your products just for the temporary relief (a band-aid) for the problem(s) and/or challenge(s) they are struggling with. Then, they put the product(s) on their shelf and never open them because they haven’t had that breakthrough yet to make them believe that what they got from you will actually solve their problem.

The breakthrough comes when people condition their mind (important!) every single day, at every opportune moment, by continually feeding it role models, stories and examples. Conditioning yourself gives you momentum. That momentum puts you in a peak mental state that makes your certainty so strong that you truly believe what you desire is inevitable. That’s when you follow through and take action.

Tony Robbins shared this and it is phenomenal. There is a 4 step process that creates that certainty you MUST have to be successful in any endeavor:

1) Potential – What is possible IF you use the products? What is possible IF you work the opportunity? This affects your

2) Actions – Taking massive action or little to no action affects your

3) Results – The results you get or do not get affects your

4) Beliefs – You believe it works or does not work which affects your Potential and this cycle, good or bad, continually repeats itself into an upward or downward spiral of success or failure.

These components all feed into each other to build your certainty: Certainty

You will The art of marriage to the point where you can see positive results in advance. You build that belief by surrounding yourself with the people, places and things that push you in that direction. Your belief builds your certainty. It is a choice that you are 100% in control of and a choice that can change your life.

Potential, actions, beliefs and results changes people’s certainty. Good or bad. You decide. Condition yourself to the point where you see it and feel it to the point where you are are certain you will succeed and you will do it without even thinking about it.

Let me leave you with this. There is something inside every human being that will make it all click into place. If you’re certain you will get the results you want, nothing or no one can stand in your way.


Stay blessed. Obom Bowen

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